Exclusive Mix For Radio Nova by Sam Tiba (Club Cheval)

A mix for the best french music radio station, nova 101.5. Far away from the jersey style bass Sam Tiba is known for, this electronic mix is pure gold. Really cool and melodic, 30 minutes, 20 tracks, not boring for a second. You'll enjoy it.
Tracklist here.
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Jul said...

Eliphino - More Than Me
Justin Martin & Ardalan - Lezgo
LFO - Freeze
Siriusmo - Idiologie
Mount Kimbie - Sketches On Glass
Switch - I Still Love You
Zomby - Things Fall Apart
J Phlip - Big Ass, Party Hat
Aphex Twin - Nanou 2
Disclosure - I Love (That You Know)
T Williams - Break Broke
Dorian Concept - My Face Needs Food
Myth Syzer - U & I
Aquadrop - King Of The Jungle
Nguzunguzu - Timesup (Kingdom Remix)
Sinjin Hawke - Crimson Tides
B.Bravo - Lounge
Ifan Daddy - No Good
Rustie - Surph
Kendrick Lamar - Blow My High

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