The Internet OFWGKTA vs The Hype Machine - 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix by hypem

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All's Syd The Kid & Matt Martians selects their best tracks from Hype Machine. The result is a cool mix you can play pretty much anytime. It doesn't worth one of the best tape I've heard this year though : Tyler the Creator's Summer Playlist.
I try to get a tracklist asap for you guys! EDIT  : Tracklist HERE.

RAC did the same exercice 2 days ago :
  RAC vs The Hype Machine - 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix by hypem

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Jul said...


1. The Stepkids - Shadows on Behalf
2. Katy B - Movement
3. Curren$y + Alchemeist - Smoke Break
4. Amy Winehouse - Half Time
5. Speak! - Framboise Menage a Trois
6. Toro Y Moi - Still Sound
7. Tyler + Hodgy - Analog
8. Thundercat - Return To The Journey
9. Lykke li - I Follow You (Tyler remix)
10. Kilo Kish - Navy
11. Pyramid Vritra - Urself
12. The Internet - Web of Me

Delysid said...

Thanks so much for this tracklist, Jul. You've done a great service to humanity.

Why doesn't Hype Machine put the tracklist on their site? Record industry pressure?

By the way, here's the tracklist for one of the other Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2011 Top Tracks Mixes, with RAC (Remix Artists Collective):

Jul said...

Thanks for the nice words :} I gotta be honest though; hypem put the tracklist among the comments on soundcloud :D
Thanks for reading xx

Delysid said...

What? Really? I thought I'd searched every nook & cranny of the mixes on both hypem and soundcloud. Obviously didn't find everything. Do all the Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2011 mixes have track listing in the comments on soundcloud?

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