Lapalux - Gutter Glitter by BRAINFEEDER
  Lapalux - "When You're Gone" EP Sampler (Brainfeeder) - Available on the 7th Feb 2012 by Lapalux 

I was looking forward to hear the first tracks Lapalux released under the Brainfeeder Label. Glitchy as hell and this so special BF sound I love. This track just got out on soundcloud an hour ago and they must be more to come very soon. I'll keep you posted on Facebrook.
Just one thing though, I hate the cover! Compared to Teebs' paintings, these 2 models are completely boring and tasteless imo. Hey Lapalux, why didn't you ask your bro to draw something cool ?

Get it : Lapalux - Gutter Glitter

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