Gwen Stefani - Luxurious ( Lapalux's bootleg remix) by Lapalux 
  Thundercat - For Love I Come (Lapalux Flip) by BRAINFEEDER
  Astrid Williamson - Dance (Lapalux Remix) by Lapalux 
  Fink - Perfect Darkness (Lapalux Remix) by Lapalux

These days I'm tearing Jamie XX's, TOKiMONSTA, or James Blake's tracklists up in order to find more music. Here is one of the sickest electronic music artist I recently found : Lapalux. This talented producer from Britain could totally enter the Brainfeeder crew one of these day. (If I may do the supreme compliment, he makes me think of Pink Floyd >_< ). Enjoy and share your thoughts. By the way, if they are any artists like Lapalux, TOKi, The Phanes, Koreless you love and think is missing here (Or if you like this style and make music too), please let me know !!

Buy Lapalux EP for 2 symbolic pounds HERE.

2 messages:

Anonymous said...

Lapalux joined brainfeeder a few days ago actually, check the brainfeeder website, he's on the left with the other artists, nice ear!

Jul said...

Oh really?? I'm so not surprised, Flylo always had taste :]

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