ZZK Records & Chancha via Circuito mixtapes

Chancha Via Circuito - Rio Arriba 2010 by zzkrecords

I just became a HUGE fan of ZZK Records today. Actually I must thanks TOKiMONSTA cause I found them while exploring her tracklists.
Apparently, ZZK is a label from Buenos Aires, Argentina. You could have guessed it from the sound of the above tracks; I've found out too that Chancha Via Circuito is a DJ/Producer producing a mixtapes series. You can find them on Youtube or SoundCloud.
You HAVE TO listen to at least the first 3/4 tracks in order to have an idea of ZZK Records' style. I swear you can not be indifferent to the mood you will find yourself projected in.

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StrangeFlow said...

Hey nice post man. Keep up the great bloggin. This music is really interesting!!


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