Thundercat - The Golden Age of Apocalypse by BRAINFEEDER

Very jazzy album by Brainfeeder's Thundercat.

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Normal Yori said...
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Normal Yori said...

Hey, Juk. . .this album is the epitome of modern cool. You know what makes it the epitome? The fact that it incorporates elements of old school nostalgia reminiscent of Phillip Bailey's falsetto (Earth Wind and Fire fame)and artfully combines those pearls with the immediate gratification-addicted, sick of economy-social structure flaws and ills frustration that new music aficionados have come to not only respect and expect, but REQUIRE of modern artists (run-on sentence, I know).
Brainfeeder's Thundercat brings to this project the evolved state of the flavor he made known, through his work with Outkast. He signs his name on an entire new bass-heavy realm of fusion.
You watch the world go by while listening to this album. You're a part of it. . .but. . .not--in a way. You feel special.
It (The Golden Age of Apocalypse)is indeed a piece of work--musical genius. An excellent relief painting of, and ironically liberating from, modern life.
*****Five Stars*****

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