StereoHeroes selection.

**FREE DL** Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (StereoHeroes '21st Century' Edit) by StereoHeroes
Stereoheroes - Effigy by StereoHeroes
StereoHeroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes by StereoHeroes
Make the girl dance - Wall of Death (StereoHeroes Remix) by StereoHeroes

New remix from the french electro duo StereoHeroes came out yesterday. Tune from early techno age, by producer Emmanuel Tops.

Actually I don't like it :/, I'm definitely not into most of early boom boom techno music and I hate trance. BUT, on the other hand, it's a good moment to make a post about SH and earlier productions such as Effigy, Shoot'em Hoes or Make the girl dance, UTOK2ME - Volodia, Disco Demolition, .. Those tunes are absolute dancefloor killers as well as their hip-hip + electro tracks! I played most of their songs at home yesterday and everyone in a 200m radius from my house had a taste of StereoHeroes.

If you guys have a chance to read this post, please keep remixing the kind of sound you used in Effigy; these ethnic balkan's fanfare stuff (you should do a Emir Kusturica & Goran Bregovic remix, justanidea..) are dope.

If you want more, there's 72 more tracks on their soundcloud profile. Enjoy !

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