Monster Rally : Mix for Dipped in Dollars

Monster Rally's MIx for Dipped in Dollars by Monster Rally

I know very little about Monster Rally, I just met him (her?) on youtube a few months ago through the following video. I don't know if it's the peaceful touch of the sound or the obvious coolness of Indiana Jones but it left me very good memories. I found them on soundcloud and really enjoyed this quick 40min mix.

But if you want to hear more of the real Monster Rally's sound, you HAVE TO check their albums and original creations. Here is their Crystal Ball album you can buy for whatever you want to pay. They describe it as "Hazy, Sampling, Tropical". I'd like to add also "cute" and "innocent". I just LOVE IT <3 ! Just one more compliment : The artworks are stylish and colorful, I love them too.


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Jul said...

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