The Game (ft Lil Wayne & Tyler the Creator) : Martians vs. Goblins

I don't really know what to think about this collaboration. I have a real lot of respect for OFWGFTA and especially Tyler for the quality of their productions. Despite their low ages and budgets, you can't forget videos such as Yonkers or the heavyness of "Analog"'s bass.
Even if I'm a white boy whom probably couldn't reach their level of coolness, I fucking laugh my ass out watching their video clips, HAHAHA!
Well anyway, the sound of this song is pretty cool, I like it. And actually I have faith Tyler is different from them bling-bling/swagful rappers. This is a pretty difficult turn for him though, cause everything he did yet was cool, so it only can go wrong. I believe this smartass 's got potential to surprise us again. A lot. Go OFWG ! Kill Them All!

If not done yet, check his summer playlist out on juks music blog

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