Born Ruffians - Barnacle Goose by chaaarlie
Cool cover from Grizzly Bear's "Knife".

Pff, nothing new these days, nothing good, and noone to read... If I could, I'd create my own music, but I'm definitely not talented enough to make any useful contribution. I could write some cheap post about a shitty realease. But i'm not going to.
Instead, I'm a talk about bands that might not bring awful loads of readers, but wich will make me feel true to me. So here is Born Ruffians, an indie-rock band from Canada, not that famous but I had a real crush on them 2 years ago; learned the whole first album on the guitar and woke up to the voice of Luke Lalonde, lead singer and guitarist for a complete semester.

What did I like about them ? Beautiful lead voice and choirs, great use of a sampling pedal, awesome rythm sense (playing piano and drums in little garcon's video, how 'bout that ?) and beautiful melodies.

I hope you'll understand my love for them. I strongly recommend you to listen to the whole first album, Red, Yellow and Blue. Also, many of their lives and covers are great.

Keep in Touch.

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