LetKolben : Deep and German

LetKolben - Abus [FREE RELEASE] by LetKolben
LetKolben - Fifth / FREE RELEASE BY Kommunikation Records by LetKolben

LetKolben - Monolog by LetKolben

I don't know if the official name of this genre is "deep house" or some kind of "minimal" or "deep electronic" or .. But LetKolben's musics really got a creepy and underground shadow around them. If I'm in the right mood, I can really enjoy this kind of music. Like a slow but certain descent into hell (LetKolben - Abus). Definitely not a beach-party anthems but great ambient.
If you liked boy 8-bit' or Duke Dumont' mixes, you will love it. But hey, If you're more a Britney Spears/Rihanna/Lady Gaga kinda music person, get the hell out of this blog, I don't even wanna dirt this article by typing their names (>_<)~

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