The Black Ghosts: When Animals Stare

The Black Ghosts: When Animals Stare by Southern Fried Records

Cute pretty little album I found from Southern Fried Records (Crookers), way less electro than his big brother. I'm not exactly sure why this album came in my news feed today 'cause it came out last month~ I like it though, some sounds are very nice (bells, 80's synth), bass is very present, voice is good. I especially like the orchestral sample they use in the first song. Press play while reading a book.

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Anonymous said...

The album didn't come out last month (June). It was released 2 days before your post.

Jul said...

Oh really ? Thing is it was written : "The Black Ghosts: When Animals Stare 11 tracks, 40.27 Southern Fried Records about 1 month ago"
on soundcloud.. So i assumed it was out since a month. Thanks for the correction dude.

Jul said...

Annie Mac's minimix featuring The Black Ghosts :

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