SomethingALaMode : Pedantic or Potential ?

SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon - Show Me (Original EP Version) by SomethingALaMode
SomethingALaMode - Tracey's Interlude by SomethingALaMode
SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi - Versailles No Bara (Original EP Version) by SomethingALaMode

Today's featured artist is Something a la Mode, a french electro duo. I'm not a big fan of their hipsters styles, kinda "we are fashionable", "we're friends with Karl Lagerfeld and play at Chanel's shows", nanana.. But despite the look, the music is a mix of electro and classical music wich is very interesting. I like most of their (few) songs and remixes (Show me by the Loops of Fury is sick in the slip), and I feel like growing up, they'll have the potential to create some audio jewels (Tracey's Interlude is stunning). I'll definitely keep an eye on them for you~

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